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A collective project for plant-based branding and packages

Project 07

Project Name



Green Spot

Package Design 4

Summer 2021



Thomas McNulty

Branding | Packaging | Collective Project 


Green Spot is a collective project for retail store branding and packaging. The idea for this project was inspired by the plant-based food and products movement. The retail stores are located in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. This project aims to express a more organic and healthier lifestyle by creating all-natural and plant-based products


Green Spot includes four sub-brands: Roots Gardens, Sungoods, Puriti, and Hemplify. These brands offer a selection of goods at different prices. We promote organic and healthy lifestyles, and express our strong support for the campaign against animal cruelty on farms, the dairy industry and the local agricultural industry by showing different applications of plant-based products.

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