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A film festival featuring Giuseppe Tornatore

Project 06

Project Name



Precious Memories

Visual Systems 2

Fall 2021



Hunter Wimmer

Branding | Packaging | UI/UX | Publication Design


Precious memories is a film festival inspired by Italian film director Giuseppe Tornatore. The main idea of the film festival is to lead people experience to precious memories in their life. The visual system includes catalog, posters, business systems and other deliverables.


Nostalgia is one of the primary themes of Giuseppe Tornatore’s films. His films explore the moving stories of the protagonist's nostalgia for the past. The theme of the film festival is considered by watching the director's films and learning about his experiences. Since memories are made up of fragments, I chose to use multi-exposure photographs to represent this theme. The script typography and ink graphics are used in the visual system to show an exquisite and memorable feelings.

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