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A new Lufthansa brand combining heritage and future

Project 03

Project Name



Lufthansa Airlines

Strategies for Branding

Spring 2021



Thomas McNulty

Branding | UI/UX | Publication Design | Packaging 


Lufthansa Airlines’ new visual system blends traditional and contemporary visions and ideas to give people a completely new visual experience. The brand system includes brand guidelines, business systems and deliverables, keeping the consistent identity, color palette and graphics.


In the new identity of Lufthansa Airlines, the visual element of crane is kept to symbolize expertise, open-mindedness and quality. The crane in the new brand identity comes from the letters L and A, which are the initials of Lufthansa Airlines. The crane with open wings can not only reflect the original symbol, but also express the spirit of innovation. The palette is inspired by the original Lufthansa shades for a familiar and trustworthy feel.

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