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A conceptual book talking about melting glaciers

Project 02

Project Name



Vanishing Point

Typography 3

Fall 2020



Ariel Grey

Typography | Publication Design | Branding


Vanishing Point consists of a 64-page conceptual book, launch poster, website, and tickets that talk about causes and impacts of melting glaciers. The goal of this project is to call attention to the growing environmental problems and take active action to improve the situation.


Duotone is used in the concept book and overall visual system to present the coldness of glaciers and the hopelessness of melting glaciers. Because blue is the color of glaciers and icebergs, blue-gray is used as the main color for the project. The concept book is divided into chapters detailing the process and causes of the formation and disappearance of glaciers and the impacts fo global warming. The book contains not only textual information, but also many photos and data visualizations.

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