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New Clos Pegase winery packages with elegance and modern

Project 01

Project Name

Clos Pegase Winery


Package Design 3


Spring 2021


Thomas McNulty


Branding | Packaging 


The purpose of the project is to understand the use of packaging in different markets, materials and product shapes by redesigning Clos Pegase Winery's packaging design for different wine bottles and different product lines.


Clos Pegase Winery is an estate winery nestled in the volcanic hills outside of Calistoga. The winery is very contemporary despite being over 35 years old. In order to match the overall style of the winery, the packaging design of the wine bottle also uses a modern and elegant style. The pattern in the lower-priced labels is inspired by the brand identity of Clos Pegase Winery. Lines in the pattern add metallic elements so that they can be seen under lights. The labels of the premium wines are inspired by the concept of font slicing.

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